Financial Momentum
    • A better way to grow your business

      Empower your business with the financial systems and processes that will boost growth and productivity.
    Financial Momentum is a unique opportunity for you to access direct support in creating a financial strategy that: 
    • supports your business goals
    • enhances communication between teams
    • ensures you retain staff who are intrinsic to your success 

    Working with Philippa

    Philippa is a leading expert at leveraging a company’s assets in terms of time and people, to reduce financial waste, grow exponentially and establish a world-class company culture that attracts global talent.

    She has worked closely with numerous fintech start-ups and hypergrowth businesses, quickly transforming them from founder-managed ventures to multidimensional organisations with 7-figure+ turnovers.

    Her unique and inspired approach puts communication at the heart of financial processes and management systems. By establishing a centre of financial literacy and excellence at the core of a corporation, Philippa triggers unrivalled expansion and provides growth opportunities that always exceed expectations.

    Using targeted methods individual to each company's objectives, Philippa affects the development of in-house financial teams that work both proactively and independently to streamline current and future financial approaches.

    Financial Momentum

    When entrepreneurs need that extra support and drive to launch their businesses into the stratosphere, Financial Momentum is the company they turn to.

    Financial Momentum clients don’t simply want a ‘done for them’ service. They want to invest in their people and ensure their business has everything it needs to continue to push boundaries, attract global talent and create impact and influence in their spheres.

    Grow your business

    Bespoke systems and processes will enable your in-house finance team to:
    • Remain motivated and developed to ensure effective management and maintenance of financial processes.
    • Understand how to contribute to the achievement of the company’s business objectives by providing advice and guidance on financial strategy.
    • Prepare the company’s financial accounts to ensure they are accurate and presented on time to the relevant stakeholders.
    • Meet financial targets and comply with statutory regulations.
    • Conduct internal audits as and when necessary.
    • Monitor external contracts and services provided by suppliers to ensure that these are operating effectively and provide the best value to the company.